August 2005
Aurora Gallery
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Summary: A pair of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) hit Earth's magnetic field on August 24th, sparking a severe geomagnetic storm. These CMEs were launched toward Earth by M-class explosions near fast-growing sunspot 798. Sky watchers saw auroras as far south as Colorado and Utah in the United States. [See also the July 2005 aurora gallery.]

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Anthony Arrigo,
Park City, Utah
Aug. 24
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I got a call around 3:30am from SpaceWeather Phone, walked outside on my back deck and saw these auroras. Even a really bright moon was no match for the auroras for a little while.

Justin Glasener,
Chippewa Falls, WI
Aug. 24
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'I woke around 5:00 AM to a sky full of green and purple aurora. I got the camera out just before the sun rose. A beautiful August show! Photo details: Nikon Coolpix 5400, 30 sec exposure.'

Brian Ruddy,
Isle Royale National Park, Mott Island, Michigan, USA
Aug. 24
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A bright moon can sometimes add to a composition if the auroras are vivid. Sony DSC-F707 digital camera, 400 ASA, F2, 7-13 second exposures, wide angle adapter

Jimmy Westlake,
Yampa, Colorado
Aug. 24

Bright moonlight illuminated the foreground nicely, but definitely cut down on the sky contrast. Still, it was a colorful and beautiful storm to the unaided eye! The mountain in the foreground is Yampa Butte. I used a Fuji FinePix S2 digital camera set at ISO 400 with a 35 mm lens at f3.3 for this 30 second exposure.

Yuichi Takasaka,
New Aiyansh, British Columbia, Canada
Aug. 24
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Aurora started to appear around 23:30 and kept on going until well over 05:30 in the morning. Pentax *istD, SMC-DA 14mm lens.

Jim Tegerdine,
Marysville, WA USA (48N, 122W)
Aug. 24
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The Northern Lights brightened the skies for at least an hour at about 3:00 a.m. PDT.

Karl Kuehn,
Greene, NY
Aug. 24
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The subsiding aurora display still made for some nice viewing here in Upstate NY. These photos were taken about 9:30 local time. (Canon 10D, ISO 800, ~25s exp.)

Brian Nam,
North of Spokane Valley, WA
Aug. 24
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Despite bright city lights, some wispy clouds, slight haze and a bright moon I was able to observe this impressive aurora show around 0330 to 0500. It went from a featureless glow to discreet rays and wave like pulsations, even saw a bit of color beyond green. Photo details: Canon A95, 200ASA, 7s exposures

Daryl Pederson,
Girdwood Alaska
Aug. 10

While checking the fish smoker around 2a.m. I was treated to the first display of northern lights of the season. In my twenty years of aurora photography this is the earliest I have been able to shoot them in southcentral Alaska.

Chris Gray,
Moosehorn Dist. Mantiba Canada
Aug. 06

This mild display had been active for about 40 min. When the temperature dropped and the meadow I was in filled with ground mist and a little higher some fog. The fog picked up the colour from the aurora. Turned out to be a very good evening (morning actually)

more images: from Daniel Robnik, age 15, on top of a hill in Lilydale, Tasmania, Australia (August 24); from Lindsay Knowles of Pakenham, Victoria, Australia;

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