April 2007

Summary: A solar wind stream hit Earth on March 31st sparking high-latitude geomagnetic storms for almost three days. Occasionally the storms became quite intense, causing compass needles in Scandinavia to swing 2 degrees!

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Steve Faulkner,
Lake Myvatn, Iceland.
Apr. 2, 2007
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The aurora was most active at about 2am, at one point the whole sky was covered in fantastic swirling arks.

Photo details: Nikon Coolpix 4500 with fisheye converter at f2.6, ISO 800, 2-3 Seconds.

Jan Lameer,
Porjus, Lapland, Sweden
Apr. 2, 2007
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The magnetic storm that had its height in the hours after local midnight, was so bright that it made the full moon look like it was eclipsed again. Nearby Norwegian magnetometers recorded compass needle shiftings of more than two degrees, so a lot of electricity must have been flowing through the upper atmosphere.

Photo details: Nikon D1H, 4 seconds at 1600 ISO with a 14mm/2,8 lens.

Calvin Hall,
Eureka, Alaska
Apr. 1, 2007
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Nice powerful aurora, that was harder to view because of the high clouds and nearly full moon. On the one photograph, I used the spruce trees to shade the camera from the moon. The result was being able to see the atmospheric effects around the moon, and the contrail and its shadow.

Yuichi Takasaka,
New Aiyansh, British Columbia, Canada
Apr. 1, 2007
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Aurora moved very quickly above clouds. It would have been a great display without clouds.

Photo details: Pentax K10D, SMC FA20mm F2.8 lens.

Daryl Pederson,
Indian, Alaska
Apr. 1, 2007

I saw the pilot veer over to fly between the auroral arcs on his decent into Anchorage. April Fools! It's just an illusion as the aurora is 50 miles above the airplane.

Derek Vanee,
Edmonton, AB, Canada.
Apr. 1, 2007

2-3 AM local time with short bursts of activity.

Photo details: 15 second exposure @ 100 iso.

Ginger Cooley,
Wasilla, Alaska
Mar. 31, 2007
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This came as a surprise to me, I expected that the aurora season was nearly over in Alaska. Not only that, but the full-moon posed a threat to exposure. However, the activity up here is great and it was no problem to grab this shot just outside my front door.

Penny Gillen,
Palmer, AK
Mar. 31, 2007

Even though the moon is 98% illuminated, I was able to catch the aurora for a little while tonight.