mark staples
Image taken:
May. 30, 2011
Lake Santa Fe, Waldo, Fla looking north
A 1.5 minute visible pass, low over the north shore of Little Lake Santa Fe at 4:47am as the fog started to roll out of the swamp. Bright at first then faded to the horizon as the orbiter was about 7 miles ahead of the ISS. the wavy path was me reacting to a large splash a gator made under the dock I was on! Mosquitoes had me for breakfast too. After the pass, I looked to the east and saw a deep orange crescent moonrise above the swamp and fog. Jupiter was a little higher up and south. Maybe this will be the last opportunity to see the orbiter and ISS pass by here so closely separated. first pic cropped and about 6sec in length,ISO1250,f4.5,28mm. second pic was 19sec at 178mm
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