Tomasz Adam
Image taken:
May. 11, 2011
Kraków, Poland.
Today Jupiter and Venus were separated by mere half a degree. I could only see Venus with naked eye (barely), but photos taken with Canon EOS 400D coupled with Sigma 24-70mm lens (70mm, 1/50s exposure, f/3.2, ISO100) clearly show Jupiter too. Capturing Mercury was out of question - it was too dim and low. Actually I'm glad I captured anything. Photographing the conjunction was very hard to photograph because the planets were just 1.5 degrees above horizon at the moment of the best visibility. Thanks to Stellarium and Google Earth I was able to find the best place of observation - a pedestrian overpass crosing over local expressway. Oh, by the way, you were right - no coffee required to get up early :). Venus and Jupiter are enough.
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