Tom Wagner
Image taken:
Mar. 18, 2011
Waterloo, Iowa
I was out admiring the nearly full moon when I decided to turn around and take pictures of my favorite barn and silo. As I took pictures I began picking up Jupiter and Mercury without even realizing it! When I saw them I remembered reading on that they were both in the western sky after sunset. Good thing I went out! Barn photo: Pentax K-20, Pentax f 2.8 100 mm macro lens set at f8, 15 seconds, ISO 100 The moon was too high to line it up with anything in the distance. Therefore I moved around in a dark dusty ditch until I lined it up with a "stop ahead" sign. Actually I got the alignment close then waited for the moon to move into position. Moon photo: Pentax K-20, Pentax 18 - 250 mm zoom set at 70mm and f 27, 1/15th sec, ISO 100, camera flash
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