T. Scott Blankinship
Image taken:
Aug. 5, 2011
Paradise, Michigan
While staying at Paradise, MI,on August 5, 2011, around 10:45 (EDST) I went out knowing the aurora was active. However, I was expecting the cloudy skies to prevent me from seeing a good show. Around 11:30 I noticed the clouds thinned while the aurora brightened. In fact, the aurora seemed to be bright enough to shine through many of the clouds. This is why I will always plan my northern Michigan vacations during a new moon. Earlier that week, on 7/31/11, I was fortunate to see a nice, but brief aurora display on Brockway Mountain Drive by Copper Harbor, Michigan. The KP was only 3 during that time. These photos are scanned images from prints taken using a Minolta SR-7, f2.5, 400 ASA, approx 30 to 40 second exposures. One photo had a car drive by during the exposure.
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