Phil Harrington
Image taken:
Mar. 19, 2011
Smith Point County Park, Fire Island, New York
My plan was to position myself so that I could capture the full moon as it rose from beyond the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently, so did a lot of other people! Smith Point County Park, on the south shore of Long Island, was so crowded that it seemed more like a summer afternoon than the last evening of winter. The view was well worth the strong winds that swept the beach. Despite (or perhaps, because of) a deck of clouds right along the horizon, the view of Luna rising was spectacular. Also noteworthy on two of the photos, you can see a very slight hint of green along the leading edge of the moon's limb. A lunar green flash? Photo details: Canon T2i camera @ ISO 400, 1/5th sec exposures, through Celestron C6 @ f/6.3.
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