Peter Rosén
Image taken:
Jan. 4, 2011
Stockholm, Sweden
For the partial sun eclipse the weather forecast was very pessimistic until last moment here in Stockholm. But then it changed and we got a fantastic display although a little delayed because of the clouds. The eclipse started before sunrise but did not emerge from behind the clouds until 8h16 UT. The first picture also shows a green, possibly a blue flash. It was taken through a WO FLT-110 apochromatic telescope at prime focus with a Canon Eos 40D and without a sunfilter. I then put on a sunfilter and the second picture shows the crescent emerging at 8h22 UT. The third picture taken at 8h41 UT is from the maximum at 85%, just a little bellow the theoretical maximum of 86% visible in the north of Sweden. The fourth picture was taken at 8h52 UT and the clouds started coming back and completely obstructed the view a little later.
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