Noah Weston
Image taken:
Jun. 5, 2011
Madison, Maine, USA
June 4th, 11:15PM - June 5th 12:30AM These photos were taken from our families Homestead in Madison Maine. Madison is not too far from 45*N Latitude. I have been waiting and watching since October to catch a glimpse of these wonderful events. Finally, with fair weather and fair timing, I have been given the pleasure! The photos are not the best quality. They were taken by my brother, Josh Weston, with a borrowed Nikon D-30. The Nikon D-80, he is familiar with, was in desperate need for a cleaning after photographing a series of images (200+) of a tornado that touched down here in Maine. Poor quality aside, at least these photos document that this particular Geomagnetic storm could be seen where we live in Maine.
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