Nick Howes
Image taken:
Aug. 10, 2010
Cherhill, Wiltshire, UK
As you'll undoutedly get a flurry of 103p/Double Cluster images, I though I would give you something a bit different. Imaging the comet today using the 2 Metre Faulkes North Telescope in Hawaii. The inner coma and nucleus region were amazing, and due to the size of the scope, only required 10s integration times (and only 5 of them) to get this image, which was taken using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey filter set The main image is a composite of the comet and the background star field, though due to its motion, this had to be moved during the 30 minute run. The inset is the raw data from Maxim DL showing the nucleus region and inner coma I have also attached a shot taken with my TMB setup, showing the true extent of the coma, which I am measuring currently at around 31 arcminutes across (with 120s exposures in CLS filters), and also a rotational gradient process image of the comet nucleus region, showing the tail
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