Monika Landy-Gyebnar
Image taken:
Feb. 26, 2011
Veszprem, Hungary
Today early morning when I went shopping (food for dinner) Sun just emerged from the cloudy horizon. Of course I had my camera with me so I took a pic. I noticed the spots on the eastern limb being faintly visible only at home. Soon Sun came higher so I could also take another pic from my balcony, now with using a solar filter foil. This pic showed the spots with a bit more contrast. Although they are still at the very edge of Sun, hopefully the next days will show much more of them! Sony Alpha A350 with 300mm Sigma lens, ISO100, F32, 1/4000 sec. for the sunrise pic and ISO100, f5.6, 1/1000 sec. for the one with solar filter foil.
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