Monika Landy-Gyebnar
Image taken:
Feb. 26, 2011
Veszprem, Hungary
It was the most beautiful ISS and Discovery overflight I have ever seen!!! Not only because it is the last fligh of Discovery, but for the perfect conditions of the overflight. The experiece is still exciting me a lot, more than 1.5 hour after it. I went out to the town edge with my husband (helping me to bring the tripods and to share the experience with). ISS could be first seen when it was beside Jupiter, a bit later Discovery also appeared following it very close. Both spacecrafts were very bright when they reached their highest elevation, they were a perfect pair in full beauty drifting across our twilight sky towards the NE! I wish the sky was less bright... As they reached the Eastern part of our sky they began to fade out and disappeared in the haze near the horizon. After the overflight we came home and I received several phone calls from my friends telling me how amazing the spacecrafts were! I'm happy so many of my friends and their families could see ISS and Discovery soon before the docking. It was an experience to remember all my life! I've been also photographing with a tele lens at 300mm, the separation of the spacecrafts are better seen on these pics. I noticed at home that an airplane was also flighing beside the spacecrafts on our sky. I also made a short timelapse animation of their descent:
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