Monika Landy-Gyebnar
Image taken:
Jun. 7, 2010
Veszprem, Hungary
Two hours before twilight I went out to watch comet C/ 2009 R1 McNaught. I was not sure I would see it from the town's edge, but for some unknown reason the streetlights were out near my place, it was my good luck. Even the Milky Way was very bright, which is unusual for urban places! After some minutes the comet began to appear in my sight and after some more minutes when my eyes got dark adapted enough I could easily see it. I took some pics before Moon appeared from behind the trees. Hopefully the comet would become even brighter in some days! Its colour was beautiful emerald green! It's estimated brightness is about 5,4-5,3 magnitudes. Konica-Minolta Dynax 5D with 50mm Minolta lens; f2,8; ISO3200; 15 and 10 sec. exp.
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