Monika Landy-Gyebnar
Image taken:
Mar. 6, 2011
Veszprem, Hungary
After a very windy day and a cold front we had clear sky at last. The remnants of the afternoon clouds had left the Horizon soon after sunset so I could observe the conjunction of Moon and Jupiter. I went to the viaduct which spans across a deep valley of our small river, there is a resting place on the bridge. Most of the city lights remained at my back side so the westen sky was very nice. The crescent Moon had a strong earthshine and two of the Galilean moons of Jupiter were also visible. As the celestial pair sunk towards the distant hills and sky became really dark even zodiacal light was well visible!!! I could never imagine to see zodiacal light from inside the town! Although I had to shade my eyes with my coat's hood as the streetlights on the bridge beside me were a bit disturbing, but the cone of the zodiacal light was very bright as soon as I put my hood on. A bit later ISS came (for the second time this evening) and crossed the fading zodiacal light. This was the last case we could see ISS and Discovery docked on it as tomorrow they will separate. Some thin haze was rising from the river valley and began to ruin the view so I came home - with full of excellent experiences!
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