Mike Broussard
Image taken:
Oct. 8, 2010
Maurice, Louisiana, USA
How many of you guys were standing outside with your binoculars (and scopes) Thursday night/Friday morning, Oct 7th/8th, 2010, watching Comet Hartley 2 fly past the Perseus Double Cluster? I'm out there facing north and looking up at it with my binoculars when it was at it's highest in the sky and was thinking of how many others were doing the same. It was the best view for me at that point for the night. Well, even though Hartley was barely visible in my bin's, this is the image I wish I could have seen visually, but had to let my camera capture for me. Over 200 subs (60x1min, 147x2min) were used to create this image of the comet. The background cluster stars were shot the night before with 44x2min @ ISO 1600 sub-images and were stacked and processed normally. The position of the comet was actually as it was at about 6:00 am local time (Oct 8, 2010, 11:00 UT). Yep, I was still out there shooting in twilight after staying up all night. I have a few unused "too blue" sub-images to prove it, too! lol The south-up orientation is just the way I remember it visually through the binoculars, so that is why I went that route here, even though most of the time I always go north-up for accuracy and consistency.
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