Mark A. Brown
Image taken:
May. 30, 2011
Carlisle, PA, USA
Spectacular Flyby - This was my last opportunity to see the ISS and Space Shuttle Endeavour flying so close in tandem to each other. The bright pair appeared in the western sky equivalent to the separation distance between the stars Mizar and Alcor in Ursa Major. As the two ships passed to my north they significantly brightened skirting between the breaks of some low level clouds. Endeavour had just completed the test of the STORRM navigation system followed by its final separation burn from ISS. At the time of flyby (4:49 am EDT), ISS and Endeavour were just over 3-miles apart from each other. Photo details: Canon EOS 550D camera, ISO 400 @ f/4.5, 15 second exposures.
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