John Chumack
Image taken:
Jul. 6, 2010
Yellow Springs, Ohio USA
Last night I captured Pluto Crossing Barnard 92 Dark Nebula, Thanks to's Alert! This passage made it much easier to pick out Pluto among the rich star field of M24 The Sagittarius Star Cloud! I captured this image from my observatory in Yellow Springs, Ohio USA with my homemade 16” Newt. scope and a QHY8CCD single shot color camera. The Exposure was 1 hour or 12 (5 minute subs) captured from 01:00am until 02:00 am E.S.T. on 07-06-2010. Although Pluto was easily visible in a short 5 minute exposure, I took and hour exposure to show the Dark nebula and “Rich & Pretty” surrounding star field. I have attached several images that have Pluto Marked in the field and an original image without markings so you can possibly do a Mouse over script for the Website. Let’s see how many folks can Identify Pluto in the FOV, before the mouse over reveals it. I imagine this crossing won’t happen again for another 250 years or so. I can remember the last time when I had so much fun imaging Pluto! Thanks to!!!!!
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