John Chumack
Image taken:
Oct. 16, 2010
Dayton, Ohio
Comet Hartley's Nucleus has brighten Dramatically, over the last week..and its faint Outer Coma diameter is over 1 degree now. This is a Comet for everyone! You can see images taken with both a small 5" scope and also with a big 16" scope. The comet has become an easy target for binoculars now. I could even see it naked eye from a rural area, just outside the city of Dayton. Images 20 minutes tracking on the nucleus QHY8 CCD & 16" scope. 15 minutes of tracking on the Stars, QHY8 CCD & 16" scope. 1 hours tracking on the stars, Canon rebel Xsi, ISO 800, + 5" scope. 1 hour tracking on Nucleus, Canon rebel Xsi, ISO 800, + 5" scope. This last one looks like a "Light Saber" floating in Space.
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