Jacob Kuiper
Image taken:
Mar. 2, 2011
Steenwijk, The Netherlands
After many completely cloudy days, finally this evening the ISS was clearly visible when it passed over the Netherlands! My 91 year old mother wanted to see the space station too and in freezing cold temperatures she watched the very bright object, moving over the town of Steenwijk. A few moments before she had watched the space-walk of two astronauts, broadcasted live on the Web by NASA TV at my laptop. It is still a strange feeling that you can watch them, busy working around the ISS, travelling with such high speed around the earth, and almost at the same moment being able to see that object passing over your own place, GREAT! Photo shot at 1852 UTC, ISO 1600ASA, exp time 1/13 sec. Camera Fuji Finepix S1000.
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