Iakovos Marios Strikis
Image taken:
Jun. 15, 2011
Athens - Greece
All weather forecasts sayd that it would be impossible to see the eclipse due to storms. We went to the Acropolis Monument right next to the temple of Parthenon ... A group of an amateur astronomer - several students of the University of Athens, some teachers and many more. Despite the weather forecasts, we actually mished only a few parts of the begining of the eclipse, and we were able to see, observe and record the eclipse in all the magnificence of that phenomena. The eclipse was magnificent for many reasons, one of them is that (in my oppinion) there is nothing better and more honorable for a Greek Amateur Astronomer like me to be able to setup his telescope and observe this eclipse from Parthenon, maybe the biggest monument of culture and dimocracy all over the world. The feelings that I had during this eclipse can not be described, and I hope that future generations will be able to live something like that again.
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