Greg Stablein
Image taken:
Dec. 14, 2010
Memphis, TN
I went out and looked up at about 1:30 am. It was 24 degrees and completely overcast—but as I carried some trash to the curbside for pickup tomorrow, I noticed that the sky was clear to the east. Knowing that my sister in the next county had asked me (half kiddingly) to notify her if the rate got to one a minute, I walked over to the park and began watching. I saw a fairly bright meteor to the north and began to count the seconds. I saw another, brighter meteor when my count reached 152. I began to count again and saw another meteor when I got to 126. The next one came after a count of 120 and as I started for home I saw another within 30 seconds. I sent her a message, "My vote is that is is worth going outside and taking a look." I grabbed the tripod, put lithium batteries in the camera and went back to the park to try to catch one with the camera. I walked home excitedly as one of the 97 shots captured a good one. Fujifilm FinePix S5100 digital camera, ISO 64, 15 sec exposure, f3.2
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