Bjarki Mikkelsen
Image taken:
Mar. 1, 2011
Porjus Jokkmokk Sweden.
Me and my friend was out for a walk,where we live in Porjus near Jokkmokk, Lapland Sweden and when we went out we see the sky exploded with auroras. The snow was lightning green again. It was so amazing and time was 19.20 it was early tonight. And for 3 houres it looks like a sunstorm at a category 7 i think. Only at these 3 houres there was 20 minuts how it looks to slow down, but not. We just stand there and watchin, total cilence in our heads and just a feeling of the northern lights wizling. Amazing night. I will never forget. Pictures are not manipulated, direckt pictures. Cam: Olympus E-420 ISO: 400 22mm
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