Achim Schaller
Image taken:
May. 30, 2011
Freiburg, Southern Rhine Valley, Germany
We (Andreas Masche, Jens Luedemann, Achim Schaller and Ulrich Schuely from the astronomy club "Sternfreunde Breisgau e. V." ) captured the ISS and space shuttle Endeavour this morning passing in front of the sun (30.5.2011 09:31:36 MESZ). We were standing on a little hill close to the town Freibung in the southern Rhine valley (Germany). The images were taken using a Nikon D700 DSLR with a 80/480mm TMB-APO refractor (focal length about 1500mm for the images). As it was the last flight for the Endeavour we are very happy we caught both the ISS and the space shuttle on the pictures.
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