The 2002 Geminid Meteor Gallery
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All images below are copyrighted by the photographers.
  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Heiko Rodde, Realp, the Alps (elevation 1600m), Switzerland,
Dec. 14
#1, #2, #3 H. Rodde: "Markus Burch and I saw about 300 meteors between 03.30 and 06.30 a.m. local times on a beautiful dark sky." Photo details: Canon EOS 300, 28mm f/1.8, Fuji Superia 1600 film.

video: A Geminid
bisects Venus
Thomas Dorman, Horizon City Texas, USA
Dec. 14
#1 Th. Dorman: "The shower was very nice this year with many bright shooters"

Frankie Lucena, Cabo Rojo,Puerto Rico, USA
Dec. 14
#1, #1 (no labels), #2, #2 (no labels), more F. Lucena: "#1 This Geminid appeared between the Southern Cross and an exploding Star named Eta Carinae at about 5:30am. ; #2 This Geminid appeared just above the handle of the Big Dipper at about 2:30am."

George Varros, Mt. Airy, Maryland, USA
Dec. 7
#1, more Amateur astronomer George Varros photographed this Geminid fireball on Dec. 7, 2002, using his Meteor Tracker (description, image). "It was as bright as Venus," says Varros.

Michel Benvenuto, l'Escarene, near Nice, France
Dec. 14
#1, #2 M. Benvenuto: "While waiting for the Moon to set I couldn't resist taking picture #2. The clouds were superb while lit by the setting moon." Photo details for picture #1: Kodak Royal Supra 400 in 5mn with a 28mm Nikon lens at F/D 2.8

Ginger Mayfield, Divide, Colorado, USA
Dec. 14
#1 G. Mayfield: "We had nice clear skies and the Moon set around 2 o'clock in the morning. There were not as many Geminids as the recent Leonids, but the Geminids were very pretty against a darker sky. "

Dave Ewoldt, Okarche, Oklahoma, USA
Dec. 14
#1 The glow on the horizon comes from the urban lights of Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Photo details: Nikon N80, 20mm, 2.8, fuji 800, about 1 minute exposure.

Bartek Okonek, Leszno, Poland
Dec. 14
#1, more B. Okonek: "Despite the moonlight and fog this 0 mag Geminid is clearly visible in the constellation of Orion. I saw about 25 meteors, but most of them were very weak." Photo details: 55mm @ f2.8, Kodak Supra 800 film, 2.5 minutes exp.

Lesleyanne Ryan, St. Philips, Newfoundland, Canada
Dec. 14
#1 L. Ryan: "I took this picture using my Minolta X-GA with 800 speed film on a f4 setting. The exposure time was approximately 2 minutes. Orion is clearly visible to the right."

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Runar Sandnes (Norway); Christie Ponder (Inks Lake State Park, Texas, USA)

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