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The Perseids: August 2010
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Summary: On Thursday, August 12th, an alignment of planets in the sunset sky kicked off the finest meteor shower of 2010, the Perseids. [full story] [meteor counts] [live meteor radar]

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Dennis Mammana,
Borrego Springs, California, USA
Aug. 13, 2010
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At about 1:05 a.m. PDT a fireball raced across the zenith from northeast to southwest, illuminating the desert surroundings. This photo shows the trail left behind for several minutes as it twisted in the upper atmospheric winds. Photo details: Canon 20D, 24mm f/1.4L lens at f/2.0, 3200 ISO, 20s exposure.

Rainer Ehlert,
San Luis Potosi, SLP, Mexico
Aug. 13, 2010
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Hi, I setup a monochrome camera with a 90° lens and pointed it towards the north sky. specially for imaging the 2010 Perseid meteor shower. As I am imaging from downtown I just caught this nice Fireball. I also made a video of the weather of the whole night ~ 30MB big.

Amir H. Abolfath,
Alamut, Qazvin, Iran
Aug. 14, 2010
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Sky was hazy at Alt of 1800 meters. But I was lucky to hunt some meteors. This is view of ancient Alamut castle in Iran. Some of them was as bright as Jupiter.

Chris Steyaert,
Mol, Belgium
Aug. 13, 2010
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Radio Perseids peaked on Aug 13, 1h UT to 3h UT, in line with the visual observations. A busy 5 minutes with 12 meteor reflections, most with typical shapes.

Masoud Rafiei,
Sea to Sky highway, B.C. Canada
Aug. 13, 2010

Canon 5D Mark II, ISO 1600, 30sec exposure

more images: from Yuichi Takasaka of Lumby, British Columbia, Canada; from Richard Fleet of Pewsey Vale, Wiltshire, England; from Juan Ramon Rodriguez Sosa of Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias, España; from Dennis Put of Brielle, The Netherlands