Movies of Near Earth Asteroid 2000 RD53
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Sept. 17, 2000 This 0.9 MB mpeg movie of Near Earth Asteroid 2000 RD53 was captured during its near pass of Earth on Sept 17, 2000 by T. Puckett & G. Dowdle at the Puckett Observatory in Georgia, USA. The animation, which was recorded onto a CCD through a 0.6 meter telescope, consists of 126 two-second exposures. The field of view is 12.8 x 12.8 arcminutes, and the asteroid is 13.4th magnitude.

Sept. 11, 2000 This 2.5 MB mpeg movie shows 2000 RD53 moving rapidly across the sky on Sept. 11, 2000. It was captured by John Rogers using the Helin Telescope, a 0.30 meter Schmidt-Cassegrain instrument at the Camarillo Observatory, 55 miles north of Los Angeles.