July 26-31, 2001 Aurora Gallery
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Summary: On July 25, 2001, our planet entered a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole. Solar wind gusts triggered a brief G1-category geomagnetic storm around 0300 UT on July 26th. A few days later it happened again. Another coronal-hole-driven solar wind stream ignited brief Northern Lights over North America on July 31st.

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  Photographer, Location Images Comments

Mark L. Koopsen, Hamilton, WA, USA #1 Photo details: 28mm f2.8 lens with 45sec. exp. 0600 UT, July 31, 2001

Dominic Cantin, north of Quebec, Canada. #1, #2, more D. Cantin: "This display was very short -- only 2 minutes. After that all was gone! I was lucky that my camera was ready." Dominic captured these photos on July 26th at 0300 UT, 75 km north of Quebec City in the Laurentides wildlife reserve.

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